Happy Independence Day!

Posted on July 04 2014


Today as we celebrate America’s Independence, I thought it would be fitting for each of us to celebrate our own personal beauty independence. So what do I mean by my beauty independence??? Glad you asked!

I’m a Dark chocolate cocoa brown sister, and I LOVE my complexion…now. As a kid, I had a major issue with my skin tone. I’m much darker than all of my siblings (yes we have the same mother and father), and I’ve always been the darkest amongst my friends. Through the years, I felt like I was picked over for the lighter chick in the crew, or I used to hear comments like “Your cute for a dark skinned girl”. What the heck does that mean??? Anyways I began to feel like I wasn’t beautiful because I was so chocolate but held pride in the fact that I had long hair. My hair became my most prized feature. When I ran track, it had to be long and flowing. If I needed a trim, my mom had better not take more than half of an eighth of an inch…seriously! In high school, I had a bright idea to color my hair within 2 weeks of getting a relaxer and my hair was all downhill from there. For the next 2 years it broke and popped so much that I ended up wearing tons of braids and a short bob. But my hair independence came during the Christmas of 2005 when I decided that I wouldn’t get another relaxer so I could have healthier hair.  The journey of transitioning while pressing for the next 6 months was treacherous and after taking out a set of braids in July of 2006, I truly free-ed myself when I had my mom chop it all off!


I was FREE! I felt confident, and it forced me to upgrade my style! This was the moment when I learned to fall in love with me, #independentlyme. This process also led me to research, develop, and create my beloved #CocoCurls.  All in all, I love my skin, my hair, and everything that comes along with it.


When did you fall in love with your natural beauty? Share your beauty independence date below. Also pick up a set of the Coco Curls Hydrating Shampoo, Revitalizing Conditioner, and Moisturizing Styling Cream today during our July 4th sale for the next 24 hours. All orders in the US ship free over $25 through July 5th!


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