Do you have a morning routine?

Posted on June 10 2015

As entrepreneurs, we all live challenging lives, and how we embrace each morning matters. We juggle our families, businesses, health, personal interests and the list goes on. The question I often receive is how do you do it all. Honestly, half the time I don't know. I can say that I MUST stay prayed up. But one tangible practice that I've recently implemented is creating a "morning routine". I used to wake up at the very last minute, especially after snoozing a couple times, and then contemplating if I can push the schedule for a few minutes. It was horrible, every morning was a real tale spin! I found myself discombobulated, late, and disorganized. For the past few months I've turned a new leaf and here's a quick snippet of what I do. 

First, I don't check emails and social media notifications until 9AM or after I've been up for at least an hour. I found that starting my first moments with screen time and random updates, likes, comments just wasn't productive. 

Second, I kiss my husband whether he is awake or not. He likes to know that I've thought of him, but for him I start my day with an act of love. 

Third, I read my Bible. Whether 1 verse to meditate on a special lesson, or a whole chapter. Then I pray and think about how it can be applied to my life. 

Last, I think of what I want my day to look like. How I expect to feel, what I expect to happen, what I'm thankful for, what distractions that I should consider, how I'll overcome certain obstacles that I may face.

With this routine, I feel so much more empowered! I'm energetic, and positive and I feel like I have a much more productive day. All total it really only takes 10-15minutes, but I feel like I gain hours of productivity. The days that I don't take this time, I can certainly tell. This is by no means the one and only way to start your day, however it's my way. I challenge and encourage you to find one. Check out this article HERE for a few more reasons why a morning routine is a good idea and for some inspiration in building yours. 

So here's my challenge. Create a routine whether it's 2 minutes for 1 hour. Try it for 3 consecutive days and let me know how it goes. Will do you that? Comment below and tell us about your routine!


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