Why Does Moisture Matter?

Posted on March 02 2015

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Most naturalistas know what well-moisturized hair looks like, and how they don’t want their hair to feel,  but do you really know how to achieve and retain well-moisturized hair? No one wants to have to remoisturize their hair every single day, but if you don’t have the right products for your hair, you may be a slave to constant moisturizing. We’re going to look at why moisture matters, and how Coco Curls products can give your hair the necessary moisture that it needs in the most simple way!

First off, why does moisture matter? Curly hair tends to be drier than relaxed hair because the kinkier the hair, the harder it is for natural oils from your scalp to travel down your hair strands. To keep healthy, shiny, and non-brittle locks, you want to make moisture a priority in your hair care. What is the best way to moisturize hair? Water! You want to hydrate your hair and KEEP it moisturized even after your hair dries. But how do you keep water in dry hair?! By using the proper products that will hold the moisture from the water into your strands: Coco Curls!

The Coco Curls product line focuses on infusing optimum moisture into your hair from start to finish, and long after you’ve styled your hair! To begin, the Hydrating Shampoo does just that, it hydrates! Our proprietary blend of mild sulfate free surfactants combined with a humectant and conditioning agents are engineered to add hydration without stripping your hair! Next, the Revitalizing Conditioner includes moisturizing ingredients like castor oil and cocoa butter that provide extra slip for detangling, and horsetail, chamomile, nettle and sage to strengthen your hair. And to add the final step to ultimate moisture, our Moisturizing Styling Cream, which is a 2-in-1 styling aid, uses aloe vera juice to set your style, glycine betaine- a humectant found in all our products which works on the cellular level to retain water in the hair, and our moisturizing essentials- coconut oil and cocoa butter which add shine and strengthen the hair.

As you can see, Coco Curls 3 step system is the easiest way to add optimum moisture to you hair. No need to be a product junkie, when you can get moisture in its simplest form from Coco Curls! Not only does Coco Curls moisturize you hair, but it keeps it moisturized for at least 3 days, even longer!  So let the #MoistureMadness begin!


We want to know: How long have you gone without having to re-moisturize with Coco Curls?  



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