Showing Those Tresses The Lovin' They Need

Posted on February 17 2015

Every so often, we should be taking out the time to care and pamper ourselves. You know..get a manicure or pedicure, massage or a facial. Many of us only do these things for special occasions, but we really should schedule more time for these “me time” activities. Think about the last time you took some extra time and care with your hair. Your hair deserves a little lovin’ too, right?! Let’s look at some of the top things that we can do to give our hair the extra tender love and care that it needs:

  • Deep Conditioning- This is such an important part of keeping healthy locks! Deep conditioning will fortify your hair with moisture and/or protein. Our hair goes through a lot from everyday styling and the outside elements, therefore, deep conditioning at least once a month is the boost that your needs to keep it at it’s optimal health. The Coco Curls Revitalizing Conditioner is perfect as a deep conditioner! It helps to infuse the much needed moisture that your hair loses in these winter months. Our next blog will dive deeper into the benefits of deep conditioning and why it’s so important!

  • Seamless Wide Tooth Comb- Something as simple as a comb, can make such a difference in the overall health of your hair! Have you ever noticed the seams on your wide tooth detangling comb? A seam is the line on the comb where the plastic begins and ends. This seam can actually contribute to the breakage of your hair! That’s right! Consider investing in a seamless comb. It prevents snags, and allows you to comb through your hair without the strands getting caught on the seams. Seamless combs go for around $15-20 dollars, but invest once and you can keep that comb for years! The Hercules Sagemann Seamless Comb has been widely recommended amongst the natural hair community. 

  • Satin- Truly a naturalista’s best friend! If you aren’t using satin, you are doing your hair a great disservice! Traditional cotton hair scarves dry out the hair by soaking up the natural oils in your strands which leads to brittle hair and breakage. Cotton also snags on the hair which aids in breakage. Satin is the perfect fabric to protect our tresses as we sleep; it helps to smooth the hair, doesn’t dry it out, and is snag-free! I have a satin bonnet AND a satin pillowcase! Also be mindful of wool coats, fashion scarves, and even headrests in your car; they all can snag your hair.


Hot Oil Treatment- What a simple and powerful way to revitalize the hair! Use the oil(s) of your choice based on the properties and benefits of that oil, heat it up (place a container of oil in hot water, but do NOT microwave), and apply it to the scalp easily with a hair dye applicator. Massage the oil into your scalp, cover your hair with a plastic cap, and sit under a dryer. Then shampoo and condition the hair with Coco Curls products as normal. This treatment is great for the scalp and strands, adds shine, softens and nourishes the hair, and can prevent frizz and dryness. Click here for a previous blog where we discussed the top oils to repair damaged hair.

  • Trimming Ends- We know you’re trying to grow those locks, but contrary to popular belief, NOT trimming your ends can be more of a hurt than help. As your hair grows, the ends get more and more delicate because they are the oldest part of your hair. Naturally, you may develop split ends, and in order to prevent the hair from splitting further up the strand, you MUST trim the damaged ends a ½” or less. No matter how much a product claims to seal and repair your split ends, just cut them! You can’t permanently seal or repair split ends; once they split, just let them go. You will find that once you trim them off, your hair will feel much better, you will no longer have those crunchy ends, and you will be able to better retain the length from your hair growth!

  • Give Your Hair a Break!-Sometimes, the best thing for your hair is a little rest and relaxation. We do alot to our hair, so just like your body gets worn out, your hair does too. Give your hair a break from styling and manipulation, and it will thank you!

Comment and tell us something that you do to show your hair some lovin’, whether it be on this list or not, and like our Facebook page, and you will be entered into our Giveaway!! The winner will be announced on Thursday, February 19th at 1 pm EST!


  • Amani Breanna: February 19, 2015

    To show my tresses some lovin’, I try to leave it alone! Especially in this subzero weather in Wisconsin. I keep it wrapped it in a hat or nice headwrap (with a bonnet on underneath of course). On the weekends I detangle/wash my hair and twist it up. Then every weeknight I spritz my detangled and twisted hair with water and sometimes a little water and conditioner concoction, apply a light oil, recently it’s been apricot oil, and apply Shea Fluff (which is whipped Shea butter and oils) to fully seal it. Then wrap it up for the night and then keep it up the next day. When I get back in and let my hair breath, I scalp massage it every other day.

  • Mandy Pinet: February 19, 2015

    In additional to what is already on your list, I do the GHE, pre-poos and protein treatmetns every 4-6 weeks!

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