My most memorable Valentine's Day

Posted on February 09 2015



Over the years I've had quite a few amazing Valentine's Days. My husband has always done a great job at wining and dining me. He is the master of surprise and all my friends know that for every birthday and anniversary, Lance has something special up his sleeve. My most favorite was on our 1 year anniversary of dating in 2008. Lance came over with an amazing bouquet of sunflowers and lilies and told me that he was sending me to get my hair pressed. This was one of my first times with a press since being natural, so I was geeked. I went out and came back all dolled up. Then he rushes me to get dressed because we're going out to dinner. I had previously told him that I detest going out on Valentine's Day because of all the crowds, and I really feel like the food and service isn't as good. So to ensure I felt comfortable he found a unique spot called Imperial Fez here in Atlanta. I had such a great time! We sat on these comfy floor couches in a secluded area of the restaurant and enjoyed all of the Moroccan culture. The food was pretty good, the belly dancing was amazing, but my Lancey was such a charmer. He was and still is such a gentleman. He opened every door, and catered to any and every need. We talked and laughed and it was a date that further grounded our love :) Sappy I know but such a staple moment in our relationship.

Let's be clear ladies, this wasn't the most memorable Valentine's Day because he spent X amount of money. It was more so because he thought of every possible thing that I would love and appreciate. From the flowers he heard me talk about, to getting my hair done, to a quaint dinner. The thoughtfulness and the detail is what touched me and why I'm still so in love with my beau. So always remember to thank and appreciate them for the small things and he'll never stop!

Make this Valentine's Day great whether you are going out with someone or hanging with your girlfriends or your family,  love on yourself and be thankful for the life and love you have to give :) Tell me about your most memorable Valentine's Day, and like our Facebook page, and you will be entered into a special Valentine's Day Giveaway just for our newsletter subcribers!! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 11th at 1 pm EST!


  • Juwania Hayes: February 10, 2015

    My most memorable Valenetine’s Day, would have to be hands down last year 2014. A group of friends, and I did a seafood night, shared stories, had great laughs, ate some good food, and also exchanged gifts. Just being with friends was enough love for me, I’m not in a relationship, nor was I in a relationship last year on Valentine’s Day, however, God is preparing me, for the man he has ordained for my life. This year, will be a repeat of last year, except we will be celebrating all day, starting with an early morning breakfast, and whatever the rest of the day may bring, and end it with dinner.

  • Mandy Pinet: February 09, 2015

    My most memorable Valentine´s Day was the very first one spent with my hubby; we were actually just friends and was just getting to know eachother at the moment, his mom is a baker and he had her make me a very lovely Valetines cake and surprised me with it! then he schedule our first date for that night and took me out for a dinner! It was very lovely, as we sat there dinning and getting to know eachother better we could definitely feel the chemistry , after dinner we went back to my house and conversated some more! Then finally he popped the question: If I would like to be his girlfriend, it was also then that we had our very first kiss!

    So there you go!
    My most memorable Valetines day ever! :)

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