When Going Natural Goes Wrong

Posted on January 19 2015

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Earlier this month, we touched on the positive side of "going natural." We talked about the empowering feeling one may have from finally doing the big chop, the confidence and swag of a naturalista, and even the deeper appreciation you may start to have for yourself as a whole. There is, however, another side of the Natural Life, that isn't all "blue skies and rainbows." It's the side of napturality that has soooo many sisters quitting on their locks and running back to the creamy crack. We've noticed 3 top reasons for when going natural goes WRONG!

1. You compare your Hair to others!

You've been watching a zillion YouTube videos, and you're finally ready to cut off those relaxed ends and release those bouncy curls like your favorite YouTube vloggers. You get finished, and you're looking in the mirror like, "What is this?!?!" You are either horrified or mad! THAT'S where going natural went wrong for you! You built up an expectation for your hair based on someone else's hair. That's not fair to your hair, and that's not fair to you! You must embrace your God-given locks as your own, and you can't compare them to anyone else's! The wonderful world of YouTube is an awesome resource to help us on our natural hair journey, however, it is NOT the rod by which you should measure how great your hair is. Yes, take all of the valuable information on the internet to help you, but don't base your love for your hair on the way it compares to others...if you do, you will ALWAYS find yourself disappointed. Fall in love with your one-of-a-kind head of hair! :)

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2. You don't have Patience!

Many of us have had relaxed hair from a very young age, and after 20 years or so of the relaxed life, we are embarking upon a natural hair journey. You look at a few articles, pictures, videos, and blogs, and you think, "Ok, I got this!" You throw some product in your hair and style it up, thinking, "Oh this is gonna be everything in the morning!" Morning comes, you take it down, it's a HOT mess, and you are ready to give up on your curls! Now wait a minute girl, do you really think you will be a natural hair expert overnight? Absolutely not! It took you years to 'perfect' your relaxed routine, so why won't you take the same mindset and patience with your natural hair? Don't get frustrated so quickly. Take the time to learn your hair, it is brand new to you after all.


3. You are a Product Junkie!

Now, I know some people may not agree with this one, but your hair does not need 18 different products to maintain it! In our experience, we've found that keeping it simple with your hair regimen is usually the best way to grow healthy, strong, and long locks! Though you may be curious about how the latest product may work, just know, your hair doesn't NEED all the things you think it needs in order to do what you want it to do. Most of the time, it is in the technique, and not the product. Look at the Coco Curls product line for instance, we have 3 products: a shampoo, conditioner, and styler. That's it! We offer moisture in it's simplest form. It can be very frustrating, as a new natural, trying to use 10 different things to achieve a hairstyle. Keep it simple and watch how positively your hair will respond.

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There may be many nights that you may feel like relaxing your hair again may be the easiest way to rid yourself of the frustration, but in those moments of weakness, think of WHY you decided to go natural to start with. Keep that in the forefront of your mind, and you will enjoy being natural so much more! Let Coco Curls help you on your journey to grow healthy natural curls, coils, kinks, and waves! After all, it is a JOURNEY and not a race. Enjoy the mountains and valleys that are inevitable along the way, and tell yourself not to give up!

Have you experienced any of these situations? How did you deal with or overcome it?

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  • LIz Williams : January 29, 2015

    I am forty eight (48) yrs. and on January 7, 2012 i told myself u need to cut your hair low and embrace who u are.Hey believe me i am loving…it and sure embracing my God given image. I am natural at six inch.

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