What are you Grateful For?

Posted on November 07 2014

How often do you express your gratitude or say Thank You? We all know that it's one of the magic words...Barney taught us that; but what does that really mean? Do you often say it because we're supposed to or because we look like we have good manners? When's the last time you sat down to truly reflect with sincere gratitude for those people that have made a difference in your life? I'm only asking because it's a question that I've been pondering myself.

I think of moments in my life where I've been seriously impacted by someone else. I'm sure I stopped to say “thank you”, but not so sure that I took the pause that I should have to make them feel as appreciated as I was for them. I was recently told that thankfulness can sometimes come from the surface, but gratitude is an essence from the depths of our soul. It creates peace, purpose, and passion for how you live and the people you interact with. None of us can proceed through this life without other people; and isn't it nice to feel like you're an integral part in someone else's life?


My message for you this month is to find gratitude in your life. My mentor told me a few years ago to start your day with reflections of gratitude. Think of 3 things that you are purely grateful for daily before your feet hit the ground. Try it! I think you'll start your day with a pleasant purpose. 

As we celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday this month, take a moment and find a way to show how grateful you are for those special people in your life. I know etiquette books may say different, but it's never too late to send a meaningful thank you card!

I'm extremely grateful for all of my previous, current, and future customers and business partners. Without support from my Coco Curlies, I would not have made it this far! Make sure you hang around this month as we show YOU our gratitude!


What are you grateful for? Tell us below!


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