Holiday Stress

Posted on November 09 2013


Happy Holidays Curlies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is changing and everyone is beginning to get in the holiday spirit. However, this season can also be extremely stressful. Every year all the shopping, cooking, family, gift wrapping and all that jazz gets to me and begins to become very overwhelming, so I decided this year it would be different. I don’t want to find myself doing so much that I completely miss the benefits of the holiday season, like spending quality time with my family. I decided to come up with some tips that will help me make this a joyous holiday season.
  1. The first thing, as cliche as this may sound, my first goal is to just keep calm. It’s a lot easier to react, but remaining calm and simply responding sets the tone of those around you.  Staying calm will help you to assess the situation better and make the best decisions. BTW this helps in all situations; it’s easier and more beneficial to remain level headed during a tough situation as opposed to allowing the situation to get the best of you. My motto that I often repeat to myself is Peace and Patience, Peace and Patience, Peace and Patience :)

  2. Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize. Just take 10 minutes and write down everything you need to do. Then write a separate list starting with the most important thing. Sometimes we keep all of our “to-do’s” in our head and then they are easily scrambled, forgetting things and adding new things. If you have a tangible reminder of what needs to be done and when, it makes it easier to complete everything and by a deadline. Sometimes you’ll even realize that you don’t have that much to do anyhow. Even with all these digital apps, I still love old fashioned pen and paper, and get such gratitude when I can scratch through an item!

  3. Once you have your to-do list organized, start getting things done. But wait, don’t try to do everything in 1 setting. Take mini (MINI) breaks to get on social media, maybe check up on a family member traveling in town, or to just breathe and relax. Your body and mind will greatly appreciate you. You’ll start to notice how refreshed you’ll be once you take your mind off of working for hours straight at a time.                                                                            Black-woman-with-Christmas-present--153x153

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Most, if not everyone, is in a cheerful and giving mood. You will burn yourself out trying to do everything. This would be a great time to catch up with your family members that are traveling into town. Chatting, cooking and get things done all at the same time… you can’t beat that. Also, the kiddies usually love helping mommy with her to-do tasks. Not only does it make them feel appreciated, but it also gives you an extra pair of hands. My daughter Zariah, loves to remind me that she is a good helper!  

    So, before you try to do everything on your to-do list, take a step back and breathe. I want you guys to enjoy your holidays, while getting things done. Don’t let Christmas pass you by because you’re overwhelmed and stressed out. One additional thing I’ll put in place this year, is an accountability partner. We’ll check in with each other a few times a week to remind and encourage each other of these tips n ticks.
    What are some things you do to keep sane during the holiday season? Be sure to let us know, we all could use the extra holiday tips!
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