What Your Craving Really Means?

Posted on November 09 2013


Hey Curlies! So often we crave that chocolate bar or that bag of chips… Do we ever stop to realize that our body could really be trying to tell us something different? I highly doubt that our nutritious body is begging us for a bag of salty chips, as odd as that may seem. So I decided to do some researching to see what it really means when I feel like I just have to have that ice cream bar and this is what I found.

  • I’ve heard people crave chocolate and sweets ALL the time! Why? Because they need a quick boost of energy. What your body is really telling you that it needs magnesium. You can get magnesium in whole grains, fruits and seeds. Also, it could mean that you’re just tired. Consider taking a short walk during your lunch break to wake yourself up and get some energy.

  • Another common craving is caffeine, usually in the form of coffee and soda. This a basic cry for H20… your body is simply dehydrated. The funny thing about coffee and soda is that you can drink and drink and you will still be thirsty in the next 1-2 hours. These beverages simply quench your thirst, not hydrate or add nutrients to your body.

  • That bag of chips that has been sitting in your pantry for weeks now has all of sudden been given life and is screaming your name!!! You probably don’t even really care for the chips that much, but for some reason you feel compelled to free them of their misery. A craving for salty foods is usually your body’s way of saying it’s been deprived of chloride. A salty food craving could also indicate a higher stress level than usual. Back away from the Lays and just take a few deep breaths. Go towards the fridge and eat a few sticks of celery to calm your body down. No worries, we all go through it.

  • This craving is all too common, ice. Everywhere you go, you have to have a big cup of ice just to chew on all day. Ever stopped to wonder if it’s something more than you just  liking ice? Constant ice crunching could mean that you have an iron deficiency. To help that, you can eat things such as dried fruit, beans, spinach, and cherries. Vitamin C is a good source of iron, but be sure to consult your physician first!

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The best way to control your cravings is to find the root of them. Some cravings can just be your body lacking a certain vitamin or nutrient and some cravings are triggered by emotions. For instance, if every time you’re sad you eat popcorn, your body and brain will begin equating sadness with popcorn and you will start to believe they go hand in hand. Whatever the reason, we hope that now that you know, you’ll be more cautious of your bodies messages to you. A way to stop the craving is to keep the healthier food choices close (in your office, your room and even in your car if you can) and become used to snacking on them on a regular basis so that your body can become accustomed to the great taste of healthy snacks. Imagine how many people will envy you when you say “Oh my, I’m craving an apple.”

Let us know what healthy snacks you have started eating to end your unhealthy cravings.

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