Posted on November 09 2013


Water is a necessity, not an option. The amount of water in our bodies range from 50-75%. Water is an essential need to healthy kidneys, skin, hair and nails. Hydration is just as important as eating healthy and working out, if not more important. Ok ok ok...we get it. Water isn’t the most flavorful beverage in the world. We understand how hard it is to choose water when you have sodas, fruit drinks and adult beverages. But let’s talk this out. What does an excessive amount of soda do to your body? A 2006 study published in the Academy of General Dentistry journal found that drinking soda is nearly as harmful for your teeth as drinking battery acid. If that’s not enough the New York Times quoted a 2012 Harvard study that found that one daily 12-ounce serving of regular soda “was linked to a 19 percent increase in the relative risk of cardiovascular disease.” And sometimes we have to use the stronger make-up removal products to get mascara off, but little do we know that we are draining the hydration from our skin. Now I’m not trying to scare you, but I do want you to be educated.

Here are some tips on water and staying hydrated
  1. Did you know that about 20% of the water we take in on a daily basis is obtained through foods? Tomatoes, cucumbers and iceberg lettuce all contain over 80% of water EACH! And if you didn’t notice, that’s a homemade salad! Oh and guess what, those juicy watermelons that we indulge in every summer has 90% water content and is low in calories. Other foods heavy in hydration include yogurt, avocado, strawberries, broccoli and melon. Eat your way to hydration why don’t you?                                                                     5320148-tomatoes-and-cucumbers-in-basket

  2. Hydrating your skin is just as important as making sure your hair and organs are hydrated. Of course drinking plenty of water will help with your skin, but there may be some other things that you are leaving out. For example, try to avoid alcohol based products to remove makeup. Alcohol takes oils and nutrients from your skin and also leaves your skin very dry. Look for water based products. When choosing between cream or gel products for bathing, a shower cream would probably be best. Shower creams have been proven to have more nourishment and oils needed to hydrate the skin.

  3. Not a fan of plain ole H2O? Well maybe these tricks can help. Add fruit to your water; it changes the taste and adds a high source of vitamin c. Look into adding flavor packets such as Crystal into your water until you can wing yourself off of the packets. Unsweetened tea is always a great way to get your water for the day in addition to nutrients that comes with the tea. I love to add lemon juice, it really helps add flavor to a  dull bottle of room temperature water after the ice has melted.


Just like you, I’m working on improving my health, hair, skin and essentially my life. I don’t expect any of us to become health gurus overnight, but these are small things we can do over time to make big differences.

I hope that you will take this challenge with us and conquer the fight against unhealthy eating. How do you ensure that you get your daily water intake?


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