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Posted on November 09 2013


Ladies, we try everything to obtain healthy hair...vitamins, oil, top of the line shampoo AND conditioner, but sometimes it’s not what’s on the outside that’s keeping us from having healthy hair. Not only is water important, but eating healthy plays a major part as well. Honestly, there are so many small things you can do to better your eating habits. Here are some tips below:
  1. Eat to be satisfied, not full. Don’t wait until you’re stuffed and have to be rolled out the room to stop eating. Listen to your belly, it’ll let you know when it’s content and it’ll also let you know when it’s had way too much.

  2. Manage your portion size. This can be easily monitored by using smaller plates. Ever realize when we have Thanksgiving dinner, we always fill the entire plate AND have things overlapping? (It’s okay, we get carried away sometimes and have the turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry sauce all on top of each other). But, if you have smaller plates, you’re more mindful of how much can fit on that plate and without even realizing it, you’re lowering your calorie intake.                                                        stock-footage-smiling-woman-eating-a-fruit-salad-against-white-background

  3. Eat more greens, dark greens are recommended. Dark greens are known for giving off proteins, fiber, and vitamins that help with your immune system. Broccoli is filled with vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C and folate and are only 25 calories per serving. Kale has a great source of vitamins A C, and K, as well as calcium. Kale is also very versatile and can be juiced, sauteed, baked and more!

  4. Each strand of hair is made up of mainly protein so foods rich in protein are great and help strengthen your hair. By the way, protein is also an important factor for nail growth. Natural hair especially needs moisture and protein to prevent breakage. Salmon, eggs and poultry are foods high in protein.

  5. Vitamin D is essential for healthy hair growth. Many of us don’t realize it, but we aren’t receiving enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is found heavily in fish and milk. We recommend that you consult your physician for information on a vitamin D supplements if you don’t eat a lot of fish or drink milk often.

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You’ll be surprised what eating better does for your hair. Studies have shown that a balanced diet will improve the look, feel, and healthiness of your hair. While you may not be able to see it immediately, eating healthy will help strengthen your hair follicles which will in turn create a healthy scalp. Keep in mind that it’s not always what you eat, but sometimes how you eat it. Fried foods on a regular basis is definitely not going to promote healthy hair. Research other cooking methods for you and your family’s favorite meals! Curlies, I love food. Be sure to share your amazing recipes with me below on the Coco Curls social media pages. I would love to hear (and see) your amazing and healthy recipes.

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