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Posted on October 02 2013


Hey Curlies, want an easy to tip to help your hair grow more? Exercise!!! Of course, diet and stress levels play a major part in that as well, but studies have shown that cardiovascular and aerobic exercise on a regular basis can promote hair growth. Our bodies have an agent called cortisone in them. The amount of cortisone in our bodies increases as we are faced with more stress. Too much cortisone can result in hair loss and hair thinning. Through regular exercise (and proper dieting), the amount of cortisone can decrease. Many doctors recommend just 30 minutes of exercising a day to keep a healthy amount of cortisone in the body. Exercise also increases the level of seretonin in the body, which also works to decrease the presence of cortisone.

Now, we know how busy we can get so we have a few exercising tips to make it easier for you:

1.    Pick a parking spot that is closer to the back of the parking lot. Yes, this means you will have to walk a little further to get to your destination. Skip that elevator ride and take the stairs. Know a shortcut to get from your parking spot to your office? Forget about it…the scenic route is more relaxing anyways! It’s worth it for longer, fuller hair right?

2.    Make exercising a family event. Get the kids, the hubby, and the dog and walk to the nearest park or just walk around your neighborhood. This not only ensures that the entire family is getting healthy together, but it serves as a wonderful bonding moment.                        E006633                           

3.    Get your friends involved on the action. Join the local gym and be sure to attend the awesome Zumba classes each week. Who said you can’t have fun and exercise at the same time?

4.    Time management is extremely important in trying to start an exercise regime. Make time in your daily schedule to do a brief exercising routine. Even if you switch going to the job's café for a natural fruit bowl so that you can spend your lunch break walking outside.

5.    Find what works for you! So what your friend may run 3 miles a day. As long as you find something to do and it makes sense to you, enjoy it and be the best at it that you can be!


Exercising is an essential part to healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait until the new year to add it to the list of the words of Nike “Just Do It.” So grab your family and friends and change your life and theirs NOW. Don't let anything get in the way of a healthier you!

Curlies, we hope that we have inspired or helped you to go out and get fit in the name of healthy hair. Be sure to check back in for more inspiration and tips to get you to a better you.

Feel free to let us know what exercise routines work for you, they could help someone else get their workout on.

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